Peace Philanthropy Project helps interested foundations and individual philanthropists to better understand the threats to peace and practical efforts that could advance its prospects. PPP helps funders think through whether and how best to fund peace. PPP can introduce funders to and help them to evaluate both new and well-established non-governmental organizations working on:

preventing a war with Iran

banning nuclear, chemical, biological and/or space weapons

banning anti-personnel landmines and/or cluster bombs

cutting military and restoring diplomatic and domestic spending

preventing or resolving regional conflicts

stemming the global trade in conventional weapons

addressing terrorism more effectively

monitoring and reforming the intelligence agencies.

Currently only about one in every two thousand private foundations supports work for peace or conflict resolution. Much of what support is available is directed to university-based programs and think tanks. Surveys show that the greatest need is for support of public education, organizing, and media work.

Wayne Thomas Jaquith founded and directs Peace Philanthropy Project. He has worked on nuclear and chemical weapons disarmament and non-proliferation, and other peace issues, professionally for twenty-eight years.

He is a graduate of Cornell University and Northeastern University School of Law. Attorney Jaquith was the first executive director of both Physicians for Social Responsibility and Lawyers Alliance for Nuclear Arms Control. In 1984, Wayne was first a senior staffperson for the Ed Markey for U.S. Senate Campaign and later the Freeze and Peace Coordinator for the Mondale Ferraro Committee. Wayne served as first VP and later President of Council for a Livable World Education Fund. He was the founder and long-time President of National Security News Service, Natural Resources News Service and Public Education Center.

For half of his career, Wayne has worked for and with foundations and other funder groups including as: executive director of Ploughshares Fund, founding coordinator of Peace and Security Funders Group, co-founder of Funders Network Coordinators Network (FUNCnet), and a consultant to W. Alton Jones and Turner Foundations. He is currently an advisor to Colombe Foundation.

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